LGBT+ Members

Let’s get ready for 2024: The year of LGBT+ workers!

Inspired very much by the year of disabled workers in 2022 and the year of Black workers in 2023, UNISON’S National Delegate Conference voted to make 2024 the year of LGBT+ Workers. UNISON has for many years worked hard to raise the profile of the achievements of our LGBT+ workers through the union and in our workplaces. We have many things to be proud of including the repeal of section 28, equalisation of the age of consent, and the introduction of civil partnerships and marriage for LGBT+ people. But we are also aware that there is a long way to go to achieve true equality. We know that people still struggle to come out in their workplaces and beyond even now and that some have an agenda to systematically remove LGBT+ rights. This coming year will provide the opportunity to promote UNISON as the union for LGBT+ workers, raise awareness of LGBT+ rights throughout the union, challenge discrimination in the workplace and society, and recruit and grow the LGBT+ activists of the future.