Photograph of Kerie Anne, Branch Secretary for Tower Hamlets Unison, in front of a purple Unison banner at a picket line/protest.

Kerie Anne

Role: Branch Secretary

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Photograph of Steve Evans, Assistant Branch Secretary, giving a thumbs up gesture to the camera outside Tower Hamlets Town Hall on a picket line.

Steve Evans

Role: Assistant Branch Secretary

Phone number: 02073641310

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Justine Kohl

Role: Assistant Branch Secretary for Schools

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Photograph of Mario Kyriacou, Co-Chair to the Branch, smiling.

Mario Kyriacou

Role: Branch Co-Chair and LGBT+ Lead

Phone number: 02073641422

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Photograph of Amina, Co-Chair to the branch, smiling.

Amina Patel

Role: Co-Chair & Adults Convenor

Contact Amina Patel

Jason Crofts

Role: Tower Hamlets Homes Convenor

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Kieran Floyd

Role: Health and Safety Officer

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Bernadette Hall

Role: Branch Administrator

Phone number: 02073646515

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Photograph of Jamie Donohue Strawbridge, Branch Administrator, smiling.

Jamie Donohue Strawbridge

Role: Branch Administrator

Phone number: 02073645302

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Shola Ogulande

Role: Equalities Officer

Contact Shola Ogulande

Carly Holmes

Role: Convenor, Childrens

Contact Carly Holmes

Isaac Hoeschen

Role: Young Member's Officer

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Sharmine Kanabar

Role: Welfare Officer

Contact Sharmine Kanabar

Marcelo Novillo

Role: Communications Officer

Contact Marcelo Novillo

Bridget Galloway

Role: Education Officer

Contact Bridget Galloway

Jonathan Lilly

Role: Steward, Parks

Contact Jonathan Lilly

Oliver Kianchehr

Role: Branch International Officer

Contact Oliver Kianchehr

Anit Saxena

Role: Steward

Phone number: 07538092742

Contact Anit Saxena

Kridos Pavlou

Role: Steward

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