UNISON calls for a 10% pay rise for all local government and schools workers

UNISON, GMB and Unite on Monday lodged a pay claim for all council and school workers employed on NJC pay in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The claim calls for a substantial increase, with a minimum of 10% on all spinal column points, from 1 April 2021.

Context of our claim

• Local government workers have kept the country going during the Covid-19 crisis, in one of the most difficult years ever for local authorities and their staff

• Local government workers have worked over and above the cause of duty, putting themselves and their families at risk to support the national effort against Covid-19

• The government promised to do “whatever is necessary to support these efforts” and local authorities expect them to be true to their word

• More austerity is the wrong answer and will be fiercely resisted by trade unions

• Only a substantial pay award can begin to redress a lost decade of cuts, austerity and crisis

• Local government staff have faced a real term pay cut over the past decade

• Meeting this claim will begin to recognise and reward local authority workers and their continued dedication

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