Tell Tower Hamlets Council… Save Our Libraries!

16th East London Scouts Group say “Save Our Libraries” – thanks to all the young people involved in making this fantastic video!

This is a campaign page for the joint unions campaign to Save Our Libraries – supported by UNISON, GMB and Unite.

Please share the page, use our resources and leave your details to get involved at the bottom of the page.

5 things you can do

Sign our Petition on 38Degrees

Contact your local MP or Councillors to ask them to oppose these cuts

Display a window poster: Save Our Libraries A4 / A3

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Press Release (Jan 2021) – Over 200 join lively online protest

About the campaign

On 28th October 2020 proposals regarding the “Revised approach to Ideas Stores and Library Service” went through Tower Hamlets Cabinet.

The four main points were:

  • Cubit Town Library will close;
  • Bethnal Green Library and the Idea Store Watney Market will have a reduced service;
  • Evening staff will be reduced;
  • Sunday opening at four key sites will go down to four hours instead of six.

The proposed closure of Cubitt Town will leave a huge swathe of the borough, everything south of the South Dock, without a library. The library is a much-loved community asset whose future is now in doubt.

As the paper itself concedes, older people, people with disabilities and children will be adversely affected as the nearest Idea Store is at Canary Wharf. It says “Children would be less likely to travel further unsupervised” and people with disabilities “would need to travel further and may not have the support needed to do so.”

Unions fear that reduced hours at Bethnal Green Library and Watney Market Idea Store will be the precursor to their eventual closure. The reduced hours will make it less convenient for some residents and consequently there is likely to be a reduction in the number of users. A drop in numbers is likely to be used as the justification for their closure. The library is central to a huge chunk of the overcrowded north west of the borough.

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