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Monday 17 August • Socially-distanced mass picket of the new Town Hall, Whitechapel, 11am

Workers in Tower Hamlets Unison are starting their third round of strike action against “Tower Rewards”, a new contract that imposes worse terms and conditions on essential workers.

The contract sees severance payments slashed by 60% and removes important terms and conditions for council staff whilst giving pay rises to those at the top. It leaves workers concerned about their jobs, and future cuts to local services. It will increase pay inequality in the borough.

Unison had intended to strike in March, but called off the action so that our members could support the community during Coronavirus. Shamefully, the council went ahead and imposed the new contract on key workers anyway.

This strike reveals what we already knew – politicians are going to try to make workers pay for the economic crisis caused by coronavirus.

Last week, Unison General Secretary Dave Prentis wrote to Mayor Biggs asking him to negotiate with the union and to treat council workers with the respect they deserve.

Join our socially distanced picket lines (from 8am):
We will be having socially distant picket protests at a number of locations across the borough. Come and support us at:

  • Albert Jacobs House (62 Roman Rd, E2 0PG)
  • John Onslow House (1 Ewart Place, E3 5EQ)
  • Mile End Hospital (Beaumont House, E1 4DG)
  • Mulberry Place (5 Clove Crescent, E14 1SA)
  • Poplar Idea Store (Chrisp St Market, E14 0EA)
  • Tower Hamlets Car Pound (Commercial Rd)
  • Whitechapel Idea Store (E1 1BU)

Help us tell the council it’s #Time2Talk
Read and Share Dave Prentis’ letter to John Biggs

Read our updated strikers FAQs here: Why we’re still striking against Tower Rewards

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